HKB Forschungs-Mittwoch

Wild Experiments in the arts, sciences and beyond

The notion of experiment is broadly used today in both the sciences and the arts. While a wide – and «wild» – use of the term experiment can be observed, we take the opportunity to dive into some of the specificities located in the different fields, the chances, problems, but also maybe the limits that come with a broad understanding of experiment. Especially, we would like to ask whether and how new understandings of the experiment or the experimental emerge at the multifaceted intersections of the arts and the sciences.
The editors of «Practicing Arts/Science: Experiments in an Emerging Field», Philippe Sormani, Guelfo Carbone and Priska Gisler are happy to convene artists and researchers at a HKB-roundtable to discuss practices, concepts, and techniques of experimentation at the art/science interface. Historian of Science Hans-Jörg Rheinberger (who has also written on the arts) will reflect on his experiences with, and his longstanding research into, experiments and experimentation, whilst Jacqueline Baum, Tine Melzer and Hannes Rickli will talk about their encounters with artistic experimentation.

Host: Priska Gisler, Forschungsschwerpunkt Intermedialität
Jacqueline Baum, HKB
Guelfo Carbone, Università di Roma Tre
Tine Melzer, HKB
Hannes Rickli, ZHdK
Philippe Sormani, Université de Lausanne
Hans-Jörg Rheinberger, Emeritus Max Planck Institute for the History of Science

Followed by an apéro.